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Geneyx offers a superior NGS data analysis and interpretation platform, harnessing genetic data to guide digital insights for rare and germline disorders. Our AI-based analysis platform streamlines the diagnostics process, from the raw genetic data to the final clinical report. Geneyx develops unique technologies and utilizes diverse databases in the interpretation of WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing), WES, and gene panels. We aim to enrich disease-specific, clinically relevant insights around risk prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for clinical and pharmaceutical organizations.
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From analysis to discovery

Accelerating Genetic Diagnosis and Research

Geneyx Analysis

AI-Based Genetic Data Analysis

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Targeted Drug Discovery

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For Hospitals & Labs

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Double your diagnostic yield

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Reduce your turn-around time


For Hospitals & Labs

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Double your diagnostic yield

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Reduce your turn-around time


dozens of Key Data Sources

Integrating dozens of key data sources, the Knowledgebase empowers your Next Generation Sequencing analysis by highlighting associations between genes and phenotypes, providing supporting evidence for immediate evaluation, and automatically generating case reports.

Rapid and accurate phenotype-driven variant prioritization, supporting protein-coding genes and regulatory regions

Leveraging leading integrated regulatory region database.

Enabling rapid evaluation of candidate mutations and automated population of customized reports

Routinely updated with cutting-edge tools and the most recent, relevant data sources

Double the diagnostic yields.
Drastically reduced turnaround time.
Rapid, accurate interpretation.
The implications of this technology? Revolutionary.

Success Stories

See Geneyx In Action

Identifying novel  mutations responsible for colon  cancer predisposition

Prof Revital Kariv, M.D., and her team diagnose and treat patients with colon cancer. In many cases, they identify families with a clear predisposition to develop polyposis and thereafter colon cancer quite early in their lives, implying a strong inherited genetic background for the trait.

Increasing the accuracy and decreasing the time required for  clinical genetic analysis

In 2017, The genetic team at the largest pediatric hospital in Europe, Prof Antonio Novelli and his team of geneticists used to analyze dozens of rare genetic disorder cases per month.




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