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Driving the Future of Clinical Genetic Data Analysis

Geneyx offers best-in-class practices harnessing genetic data available to guide digital insights for rare and germline disorders and diseases. We aim to enrich disease-specific, clinically relevant insights around risk prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for clinical and pharmaceutical organizations.

When it comes to the analysis and interpretation of sequenced whole human genome, our AI-based platform is the first and best choice for hospitals, genetic labs, translational, and early target discovery researchers at Pharma and BioTech. Geneyx proprietary platform doubles the diagnostic yield while taking turn-around time from hours to minutes.

Geneyx’s technology provides biomedical interpretation capabilities for more than 18% of the genome (more than 10x the protein-coding scope) and continually provides new solutions for enhancing this scope. This enables researchers to better leverage the power of whole-genome sequencing data. The novel findings they can distill because of this technology will lead to the development of the next generation of targeted and personalized therapeutics and diagnostics.

Much of the genetic data generated today is siloed in hospitals around the world. We believe it can be better used by researchers in targeted therapeutic development. Geneyx’s platform provides hospitals with: 

  1. Increasing diagnostic yield and enabling clinical decision support for clinicians
  2. Offer the gold standard in unified global knowledge bases for interrogating genetic-based diseases and disorders.
  3. Reducing the time by 95% – streamlining, automating, and simplifying the workflow
  4. Reducing overhead costs by automation and machine learning enables less hands-on time associated with the interpretation and reporting around rare and germline diseases and disorders. 
  5. Reducing liability to clinical providers through auditable, evidence-based interpretation and reporting for clinical diagnostic support.  


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