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Vission & Mission

Founded in 2018, Geneyx is driven by the belief that comprehensive genomic insights are essential for every patient’s care. Our mission is to transform the integration of genomics into healthcare and pharmaceutical research with our sophisticated data analysis platform. Serving a wide range of clients, including hospitals, genetics labs, and life-science companies, Geneyx offers unmatched precision in genetic analysis and research.

We are continuously enhancing the Geneyx platform with AI/ML tools and capabilities to streamline processes, substantially reduce turnaround times, increase accuracy, and ensure limitless scalability. Our strategic direction is towards adopting a Multiomics approach, integrating DNA and RNA analysis and Epigenetics our automated pipeline will transform raw data into personalized reports, advancing precision medicine and genomic research.

CE-IVD Certified Solution

Geneyx Analysis is a CE-IVD-certified platform for secondary and tertiary analysis of germline and somatic sequencing data interpretation. This comprehensive tool tailors to all aspects of in-house bioinformatic pipelines but alleviates the complexities of staying current with current genomic information. Our team strives to provide a resource that significantly improves diagnostic yields and turnaround times, and our mission is to provide a platform that achieves a world without undiagnosed diseases. Below are some of the key features that contribute to this mission.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is valuable in high-throughput environments but is also important for obtaining accurate results by removing manual errors. Geneyx Analysis promotes automation using APIs and batch upload features, which enable secure communication with LIMS and EHR systems and large sample workflows. Geneyx Analysis can also be implemented at any stage in the bioinformatic pipeline, Fastq or VCF, and provides detailed audit trails to monitor every step of the NGS pipeline.  

Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis

One distinct database valuable to whole genome sequencing analysis is the Geneyx Clinical Knowledgebase. This knowledgebase integrates machine learning to provide novel biomedical insights for gene-phenotype associations in coding and non-coding regions of the genome. Coupled with our innovative phenotype-driven interpretation algorithm, these features have led to important diagnoses in situations where exome sequencing has failed. As whole genome sequencing becomes the forefront in the clinical space, Geneyx Analysis will be a leading solution for interpretation.  

Advanced Annotations and Literature Sources

Staying relevant on annotation sources is fundamental to correct diagnoses. To alleviate the complexities with updating annotations, Geneyx Analysis implements automated annotation and database updates. In addition to well-known annotations, literature sources and best-practice guidelines are also updated regularly. This ensures clinical geneticists and bioinformaticians are utilizing leading-edge information to provide accurate and complete diagnoses to their patients.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Following analysis and interpretation of NGS data are reporting. Most labs outsource reporting to third-party platforms, but this can be expensive, tedious, and time-consuming.  Geneyx Analysis includes reporting capabilities within the software and allows reports to be fully customizable, including rendering in different languages.

Our Impact

With installations in 140 hospitals across 39 countries and daily usage by thousands, Geneyx has analyzed over 330,000 samples. Thanks to our unique “phenotyper”® many of our users report more than 65% diagnostic yield (compared to 33% industry average). Geneyx contributes significantly to various National Genome Projects. Our platform excels in secondary and tertiary analysis of exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, and gene panels, utilizing both short and long-read sequencing technologies for germline and somatic cases.

Collaborative Synergy

We are proud to have created valuable partnerships with distinguished organizations such as Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) and Pacific Bioscience (PacBio), as well as renowned tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Accenture. Since last July we have been the sole system deployed on G42 cloud on the Emirates. These alliances enable us to leverage the latest advancements in technology and drive discoveries in genomic analysis.
Geneyx was selected for leading research institutes like, Stanford University, Children’s Mercy Research Institute (Kansas City) Bambino-Gesu, (Rome) Hadassah Medical center, Son Espases (Spain), Queen Marry (Hong Kong), LifeCell India, Juno Labs and Arcensus.

Join Our Journey

Geneyx is more than a platform; it’s a community driving towards a future where genomics informs every aspect of healthcare. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, researcher, or technologist, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey with Geneyx – where innovation meets genomic healthcare.

In summary, Geneyx Analysis is a leading solution for NGS interpretation and evaluation. This platform aims to allow clinicians and geneticists to harness genetic data within their current infrastructure and promote improved diagnosis and treatment options. Geneyx Analysis addresses all bioinformatic needs and has been shown to improve diagnostic yields and turnaround time. This technology is advancing the field of next-generation sequencing and is advancing the field of precision medicine.


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