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The Geneyx Clinical Applications are “off-the-shelf” products that offer comprehensive coverage for hereditary and somatic panels. These applications provide the ability to maximize existing genetic data by creating reports with actionable findings that can be fully white labelled and customized for your organization. Clinical labs can immediately address Newmarket opportunities, while providing detailed reports to existing and new customers.

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Carrier Screening


Gene Panels


Carrier Screening

Pre-conception carrier screening has been a widely adopted method over the years to determine a couple’s risk of having an affected child of certain autosomal recessive and X-linked disorders. Improvements in technology and scientific knowledge have expanded carrier screening with greater detection rates of mutations for various populations. This test is most appropriate for individuals who wish to have children to determine their carrier status of disease and determine their pregnancy risk of having an affected child.

The Carrier Screening application analyzes and interprets 356 genes to give insights into carrier status for diseases that are severe and/or debilitating. This information can be used to create a reproductive management plan for couples and future children. Ideally, this test utilizes sequencing data from the patient and partner to identify the inherited variants for diseases of autosomal recessive and X-linked inheritance models. The report will provide information on associated genetic risks for pregnancies and possibilities of having an affected child.



Pharmacogenomics (PGx) studies the relationship between genetic composition and response to medications. It is an emerging field that will enable precision medicine for individuals and improve health care outcomes. PGx testing through Geneyx provides an automatic calculation of star alleles in all known PGx genes, with subsequent reporting on clinical recommendations and links to relevant information. Supported data types include SNP arrays, as well as whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing files. The PGx report application enables healthcare providers to better determine what medications to prescribe based on those that have little or no adverse effects.


Gene Panels

Geneyx Analysis provides a comprehensive portfolio of reports for a variety of common gene panels. Each gene panel details known or suspected associations with the disease or phenotype using the most relevant literature sources and can be easily modified and customized by the user.

Our comprehensive portfolio of gene panels:

Customized gene panels can also be created upon request and easily integrated into the user’s given workflow.

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