TMA Precision Health partners with Geneyx

Israel – Geneyx, a world-leading and globally distributed genetics diagnostic platform has partnered with
TMA Precision Health to expand distribution in Latin America and advance precision healthcare options for
its existing users.
BOSTON, MA – Geneyx, Inc an Israel-based developer of genomic analysis and interpretation software, will
integrate services with TMA’s artificial intelligence-based platform to expand their distribution into Latin
America and aid in the identification of personalized interventions and delivery of precision healthcare for
rare and complex disease patients. The Geneyx system provides artificial intelligence-based processing,

DNA-Based Data Is a Hot Commodity, and Pharma Is Buying

As the pharmaceutical industry continues along the path to precision medicine, drug discovery efforts are just one aspect of the business that increasingly will be fueled by data. A flurry of deals, including GlaxoSmithKline’s $300-million, four-year investment in 23andMe, gives us a window into how pharma companies are forming partnerships and striking deals to tap into […]

Genome analysis and knowledge-driven variant interpretation with TGex

October 10, 2020 TGex is now a part of Geneyx – an integrated genomic and clinical data software suite. and available as “Geneyx Analysis” at Abstract Background The clinical genetics revolution ushers in great opportunities, accompanied by significant challenges. The fundamental mission in clinical genetics is to analyze genomes and to identify the most relevant […]

Next-generation sequencing in drug development: target identification and genetically stratified clinical trials

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) enabled high-throughput analysis of genotype–phenotype relationships on human populations, ushering in a new era of genetics-informed drug development. The year 2017 was remarkable, with the first FDA-approved gene therapy for cancer (Kymriah™) and for inherited diseases (LUXTURNA™), the first multiplex NGS panel for companion diagnostics (MSK-IMPACT™) and the first drug targeting a […]