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Geneyx Analysis Version 5.9 Release

With more than 300 accounts and close to 200,000 cases analyzed, Geneyx Analysis is continuing to receive global adoption in clinical and academic settings. One differentiating feature that advances this adoption is our patient-centric vision. Our vision at Geneyx is to improve diagnostic rates and turnaround times. To do so requires implementing new and innovative features, and since the last release of Geneyx v5.8, there have been many exciting updates that are worth noting.

Improving Case Diagnosis with Geneyx Analysis

Geneyx Analysis is becoming adopted globally as a flexible and innovative solution for rare disease interpretation and has been shown to improve diagnostic yields by up to 65%. One of the many features that contribute to this capability is the utilization of a novel phenotype-dependent algorithm, which finds relevant associations between gene and phenotype ontologies. This feature is utilized by researchers and clinical geneticists to identify candidate variants and investigate literature for novel biomedical findings.

Automating Fastq to Clinical Report with Geneyx Analysis

In the field of next-generation sequencing, one essential feature is automation. Automation can enable increased scalability and faster turnaround times with improved diagnoses. If applied correctly, this not only benefits the clinical environment but also the field of precision medicine. And although many companies advertise this, Geneyx Analysis actually delivers it.

We are proud to present fascinating findings in poster #eP105 at the coming ACMG 2022

Prof Revital Kariv, M.D, and her team diagnose and treat #coloncancer patients at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. In recent research, utilizing the Geneyx Genomex Ltd. analysis platform, collaborating with Dvir Dahary, and Tel Aviv University, they identified novel mutations responsible for colon cancer predisposition.