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Geneyx Collaborations and Partnerships

Partnership with Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)

Oxford Nanopore and Geneyx have partnered giving their customers a “One Click Solution” for clinical reporting of nanopore sequencing data. This collaboration integrates the advanced capabilities of Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology with Geneyx’s cutting-edge AI-powered analysis platform. By combining these two technologies, customers can access a powerful solution that provides valuable insights for critical workflows such as newborn screening and rare disease research. Geneyx Analysis, designed to efficiently process Nanopore Long-Read sequencing data, offers innovative features that streamline data ingestion, annotation, and variant interpretation, ultimately enhancing diagnostic findings and reducing turnaround times. 

PacBio and Geneyx Collaboration
Collaboration with PacBio: 

Geneyx Analysis stands as a leading tertiary analysis platform for genomics professionals working with PacBio Long-Read sequencing data. This collaboration aims to enhance data ingestion and simplify the complex task of annotating long-read data. With its customizable features, Geneyx Analysis becomes an invaluable asset for researchers and clinicians seeking to maximize the potential of long-read sequencing. Geneyx offers high-throughput workflows with impressive diagnostic yields, confident choice for HiFi LRS data, seamless integration into bioinformatic pipelines, novel phenotypic prioritization algorithms, and comprehensive SMART filtering for genomes. 

Ocean Genomics and Geneyx Partnership
Co-Development with Ocean Genomics: 

In partnership with Ocean Genomics, Geneyx Analysis co-developed a pioneering DNA+RNA Multiomics solution, featuring the first integrated RNA-DNA structural variant (SV) caller. This innovative collaboration aims to advance genomic medicine by improving variant calling accuracy, enhancing diagnostic precision, and identifying new drug targets. Key features include accurate identification of structural variants, valuable clinical significance prioritization, simplification of bioinformatics pipeline management, and enhancement of research and clinical applications through innovative “Hypothesis-Driven SV Calling.” 

Childrens Mercy Hospital and Geneyx Partnership
 Collaboration with Children’s Mercy: 

The collaboration between Children’s Mercy Kansas City and Geneyx Inc. is to advance genomic research and analysis. Through a Master Software Subscription and Redundant Agreement, Children’s Mercy utilizes Geneyx Analysis to analyze, interpret, annotate, and report Long Read sequencing data generated by 5-base HiFi sequencing of PACBIO technology. This cutting-edge technology replaces conventional diagnostic testing for critically ill patients with a strong suspicion of genetic disease, accelerating diagnoses and improving patient care. 

UHN Toronto General and Geneyx Collaboration
Co-Research with Toronto General: 

Geneyx collaborates with Toronto General Hospital to analyze genomic data related to cardiovascular diseases. Led by Dr. Michael Gollob, Head of Cardiac Genetics of North America, the collaboration aims to identify new early drug targets specific to defined cardiovascular diseases. Through cohort analysis algorithms and a revenue-sharing model, the collaboration focuses on commercialization, early publication of findings, and comprehensive data management.

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