Analyses #

To view the entire list of analyses that have been created, there is the Analyses icon located in the dashboard on the left side. The following fields are included:

  • NAME: Displays the analysis name and designated panel
  • PROBAND SAMPLE: Name of the affected VCF samples
  • SUBJECT: A unique identifier for the VCF sample. Commonly, this is the patient identifier for EMR or LIMS integration
  • PROTOCOL: What protocol was used for the given analysis
  • PHENOTYPES: Phenotypic terms, if applicable, entered for the analysis
  • STATUS: Current status of the analysis
  • MODIFIED: Date of last modifications

Analyses view

VCF Samples #

The VCF Samples option displays the entire list of samples that have been imported. The fields provided include:

  • ID: The name of the vcf file
  • SUBJECT: The unique identifier of the VCF samples
  • SEQUENCING TARGET: Can be Whole Genome, Exome, Gene Panel, Targeted Region, Clinical Exome
  • SAMPLE SOURCE: Source that the sample was derived from, this includes: Germline, Tumor Biopsy, Blood, Buccal, Mitochondria, Saliva, Fetal, Other, Parents.
  • TAKEN DATE: When the sample was received
  • SEQUENCE DATE: When the sample was sequenced
  • CREATED BY: What user imported the VCF file
  • CREATED: When the VCF file was uploaded
  • MODIFIED BY: What user made modifications
  • MODIFIED: When the modification was made

To change the details for a given VCF file, there is an edit option to the right of each VCF file. This will display a new interface, where appropriate modifications can be made.

VCF Samples window

Reports #

After each analysis, if applicable, a report can be generated based on the current findings. Once completed, the history is stored in the Reports interface of Geneyx Analysis. This provides searching capabilities for a given report and provides the following fields:

  • Created: Date and time the report was created
  • Subject: Unique identifier of the samples
  • Analysis: Name of the analysis
  • Summary: Summary of the analysis
  • Report: PDF file of the report
  • Data file: Excel file of the analysis findings
Reports window

Subjects #

The Subjects window is available to view details of each subject that has been entered into the system. Fields include:

  • ID: The identification for the subject
  • NAME: Name of the patient
  • DATE OF BIRTH: Date of birth for the subject
  • CONSENTPERSONAL DATA: Consent for personal data
  • CONSENTCLINICAL DATA: Consent for clinical data
  • CREATED BY: Who was the subject created by
  • CREATED: When was the subject entered into the system
  • MODIFIED BY: When was the subject information modified
  • MODIFIED: What user made modifications to the subject information

For each subject there is a delete option, which will delete the subject from the internal database.

Subjects window

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