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Geneyx Analysis Version 5.15 Release: Repeat Expansions

Geneyx Analysis version 5.15: Repeat Expansion

Repeat Expansions:

a. Split Column View: Repeat expansions, which can be viewed in the CNV/SV genetic model, are now split into two columns. The first will show the observed copies on allele one and allele two, and the second column will show the repeat unit. Hovering over the repeat will show the reference allele copy. We also incorporated a color-coding scheme to distinguish between reference, pre-mutation and mutations ranges.  

b. Ability to import Repeat files: Geneyx now supports the ability to import repeats from different file formats, including DRAGEN, ONT, and PacBio.  

c. Local Variant Count: For every repeat observed, a local variant count is created based on the same copies present across all internal samples. Clicking on the LV column will also display a histogram plot with these sample counts and associated data in which the repeat has been observed.  

Our previous version release update for 5.14 here




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