AI-Based WGS Interpretation

· Rapid and accurate phenotype-driven variant prioritization
· Automated ACMG/ClinGen variant classification
· Comprehensive evidence collection & reporting
· Customizable workflows and integrations
· Cloud upload and data storage
· Pipeline management

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TB of Genetic Data Analyzed

Rapid & Accurate Phenotype Driven Interpretation

Best-of-breed scoring and prioritization of variants based on association with disease and phenotypes of interest

Free Text Phenotypes

Prioritize variants based on their association with any free-text biological term, with automated keyword strength indications for optimization of ranking.

Clear phenotypical evidence

Variant scores include detailed and comprehensive highlighting within original context based on GeneCards' more than 150 biomedical data sources.

Automated ACMG/ClinGen Variant Classification

Comprehensive assignment of ACMG/ClinGen variant classifications and automated scoring including detailed evidence

Sample & Case-context classification

ACMG classifications are not limited to variant-level annotations, but include case-level contextual information incl. inheritance models and associated samples.

Comprehensive assignment evidence

Each classification is accompanied with relevant evidence from various annotations and case-level context.


Comprehensive Evidence & Custom Reporting

Comprehensive and flexible reporting enables you to use pre-built and customize templates based on the various tests offered by your lab

Automated evidence collection

Automatically generates full and comprehensive clinical reports leveraging structured data available in the GeneCards Knowledgebase.

Customizeable report templates

Full customization enables you to offer your customers fully branded and uniquely designed clinical reports.

Genetic Data Storage & NGS Pipeline Management

Get access to unlimited, silo’d, secure genetic data storage on the Geneyx Analysis platform, and leverage out-of-the-box best practices NGS pipelines for various applications or design your own.

Unlimited Cloud-based Genetic Data Storage

Easily manage and store your genetic data in our HIPAA and GDPR-compliant secure cloud, together with all metadata and relevant clinical data.

Flexible NGS Pipeline Management

Start analyzing your data immediately with best practices-based pipelines for whole genome, whole exome and panels, with support for Copy Number Variations, Structural Variations and Repeats across the genome, fully customizable and designed to fit your application.


Customizable Workflows and Integrations

If you’re just starting to adopt clinical genomics, or you’re arleady there, Geneyx Analysis can enable you to expand the fields your lab can cover (rare disorders, cardiology, cancer predisposition and full health screening), automate your best practices and workflows, and integrate with your existing pipelines and information systems.

Raw Data Processing

Implement your bioinformatic pipelines or use one of our best-practices offerings

Flexible Workflows

Implement new protocols with customizable filters, views and reports for diagnosis and screening


Comprehensive APIs for integration with LIMS and Electronic Health Record management systems


Multi-lingual, fully customizable clinical reports with comprehensive evidence

Powered by GeneCards

Integrating > 150 key data sources, the GeneCards® Suite Knowledgebase empowers your Next Generation Sequencing analysis by highlighting associations between genes and phenotypes, providing supporting evidence for immediate evaluation and automatically generating case reports.

Variant Prioritization

Rapid and accurate phenotype-driven variant prioritization supporting protein coding genes and regulatory regions

10 x Genome Interpretation Scope

Leveraging GeneHancer, the leading integrated regulatory region database, and GeneCaRNA for ncRNAs

Comprehensive Phenotype-Genotype Evidence

Enabling rapid evaluation of candidate mutations and automated population of customized reports

Always Up-To-Date

Routinely updated with best-of-breed tools and cutting edge and most relevant data sources


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