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TB of Genetic Data Analyzed


Rapid Phenotype-Driven Interpretation

Our AI-based interpretation platform allows for optimized scoring and prioritizing of variants, based on association with disease or phenotypes of interest.

prioritize and optimize ranking

Quickly prioritize variants based on their association with any free-text biological or ontology term. Use our keyword strength indicator to select terms and optimize ranking.

Clear phenotypical evidence

Drawing from dozens of biomedical data sources, our variant scores include detailed highlighting of matched phenotypes within the original clinical and publication context.


Advanced ACMG/ClinGen Variant Classification

Our automated solution allows for rapid assignment of ACMG/ClinGen variant classifications and scoring with detailed evidence.

classification with context

ACMG classifications are not limited to variant-level annotations, but include case-level contextual information, along with inheritance models and associated samples.

Clear phenotypical evidence

Each classification is accompanied by relevant evidence from numerous annotations and case-specific context.

Custom Reports & Automated Evidence Collection

Our flexible reporting capabilities enable you to use customizable or pre-built templates based on the various tests offered by your lab.

Automated clinical reports

Complete comprehensive clinical reports are automatically generated by leveraging structured data from the Knowledgebase.

Customizable report templates

Offer your customers unique, fully branded clinical reports with our full customization option.


Get the complete technical specification

learn more about Geneyx Analysis features and performance

Genetic Data Storage & NGS Pipeline Management

Store unlimited, secure genetic data and leverage highly efficient NGS pipelines for various applications, or design your own.

Unlimited Genetic Data Storage

Easily manage and store your genetic data in our HIPAA and GDPR-compliant secure cloud, together with all metadata and relevant clinical data.

Flexible NGS Pipeline Management

Analyze your data with highly efficient pipelines for whole genome, whole exome and panels, including support for CNVs, structural variations and repeats across the genome. Fully customizable pipelines are available to fit your specific application.

Customizable Workflows and Integrations

Start analyzing your data immediately with best practices-based pipelines for whole genome, whole exome and panels that support for Copy Number Variations, Structural Variations and Repeats across the genome. Our workflows are fully customizable, allowing you to design for your precise application.

Raw Data Processing

Implement your bioinformatic pipelines or use one of our best-practices offerings

Flexible Workflows

Implement new protocols with customizable filters, views, and reports for diagnosis and screening


Comprehensive APIs for integration with LIMS and Electronic Health Record management systems


Multi-lingual, fully customizable clinical reports with comprehensive evidence


Whole Genome Interpretation

Leverage our proprietary technology platform for better Whole Genome Sequencing-based targeted drug discovery, providing interpretation and enrichment of 10x the genome scope


SNP Array


Whole Exome Sequencing


Whole Genome Sequencing With Geneyx

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