Ceylan Atik

Vice president of Sales EMEA

Entrepreneurial, dynamic, professional leveraging Novel Biotechnology, Software & Genetics in the Healthcare Industry for over 10 years. Holding a (Hons) Biomedical Science & MSc in Cancer from UCL London, Ceylan has created international business repeatedly from scratch in several European countries, intuitively and multi-functionally. Thriving in Startups, she has worked her way up to C-level Operations demonstrating capacity as a motivating leader, cross-functional with peers, the clinical & research fields, private & public industries, ultimately engaging trade with loyalty. Specifically, she has focussed on Cancer/Reproductive Health & Prenatal Testing, Gene Panel, Exome & Whole Genome Clinical Testing, Genetic Software & Bioinformatics, PCR, CE & Sequencing, Data Handling & Information Governance, Genetic Testing Guidelines, Accreditations & Regulations.


Selected Videos

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