Ofer Barnea Ph.D.

Director of academy relations USA

The co-founder of Geneyx is an accomplished scientist with an impressive background in biotechnology engineering and human molecular genetics. Ofer is currently doing his post-doctorate in San Francisco. In conjunction with his work in Geneyx, Ofer is leading a groundbreaking project in human genomics and assay development at UCSF’s Bioengineering and Therapeutic Science Department, one of the world’s leading institutes. Previously, Ofer spearheaded efforts for opening a hereditary deafness laboratory at Tel-Aviv University, which worked on high-throughput genomics, epigenetics, and genome editing. This resulted in a seminal paper in the field of hearing impairment epigenetics, which later led to numerous breakthroughs in the field. Outside of academia, Ofer served as the Section Head at an army R&D branch, working on non-conventional warfare defense. He is diverse in his capabilities and has had successful experience in team building, leadership, project management with extremely short deadlines, international policy, and operational bridging.


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