Your Data Worth More!

Genetic data generated by your lab in the past, present, and future is your key asset. Owning this data enables efficient analysis and interpretation, report generation, re-analysis of open cases, research and development, and the creation of new genetic tests, and will be key to your offering in the future.


Unlimited, Secure Data Management and Storage

Own and better monetize your genetic data

Geneyx provides your lab with an innovative, all-in-one platform for efficient storage and management of all your genetic data, enabling you to maximize the value of your genetic data assets and guaranteeing a better future for your lab.



A novel, Knowledge-Driven NGS Interpretation & Reporting Platform

Rapid analysis and interpretation with a higher diagnostic yield

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Offer your patients new encompassing 1000+ health categories and conditions, medication effects, and health traits.
Unmatched by any other report, they will gain knowledge allowing them to take a proactive approach to live a longer and healthier life.

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Secure access to high-quality genetic data

  • Freedom to operate (built-in consent management)
  • Unlimited computation capabilities
  • Enabling worldwide collaboration