A novel, Knowledge-Driven NGS Interpretation & Reporting Platform

Rapid analysis and interpretation with a higher diagnostic yield

Geneyx Analysis’ is a novel, knowledge-driven Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis, interpretation, and reporting engine, which leverages the popular GeneCards Knowledgebase suite [1]. It enables rapid diagnosis of causal mutations, collecting clinical and molecular information from >120 data sources, and prioritizing variants based on their association with patients’ exhibited phenotypes. ‘Geneyx analysis’ engine, offers market-leading diagnostic yields (above 50% in rare disorders on WES) and reduced turnaround time from hours or days to minutes [2]. Built for the future of genomic analysis, it offers best-in-class phenotype-driven structural and copy number variation interpretation on coding and regulatory regions [3]. To date, ‘Geneyx analysis’ and the GeneCards suite have helped in the analysis of tens of thousands of clinical genetic cases world-wide.

Benefits and Features

Best-of-breed scoring and prioritization of variants based on association with disease/phenotypes of interest [2]

• Comprehensive evidence for each association for the evaluation of variants and- reporting

• Leverages the extensive data available in the GeneCards Suite Knowledgebase [1]

• Supports free-text searching for phenotypes, as well as direct and indirect gene-phenotype          relationships [4]

• Designed for single samples, trios and pedigree trees (incl. integrated compound heterozygous analysis) [2]

• Best-in-class phenotype-driven structural and copy number variation interpretation on coding and regulatory regions [2]

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