Unlimited, Secure Data Management and Storage

Own and better monetize your genetic data

Geneyx provides your lab with an innovative, all-in-one platform for efficient storage and management of all your genetic data, enabling you to maximize the value of your genetic data assets and guaranteeing a better future for your lab.

From raw sequencing data to automated comprehensive report generation Geneyx makes managing your data throughout your analysis workflow seamless. Your sequencing data, be it WGS, WES or small panels, flows from your sequencing machine or provider directly into our platform, where we provide a one-stop-shop solution throughout the comprehensive reporting including integration with LIMS. Pipelines, workflows, reports and all genetic tests are fully customizable, enabling you to easily scale up your business while guaranteeing quality and consistency

Encrypted isolated and secure data storage

Geneyx is GDPR/HIPAA/CCPA ready, designed from the ground up to securely store genetic data. The data is stored safely, disconnected from the main cloud, and is never downloaded or transferred externally. The data is exclusively available through the Geneyx virtual environment, which enables a variety of data mining tools without compromising its anonymity and data security. This virtual environment also offers intra-lab and inter-lab extensive secure access controls and full auditing trails.