Kansas City Lights the Night with a New Research Institute

Genomic sequencing is giving families hope in the face of uncertainty at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City
Like many teenagers his age, when Ben noticed that something was a little off – he grabbed his phone. For weeks, Ben was going to school, participating in wrestling, and doing what most teenagers do in their free time – hanging out with friends. One day, on the way home from practice, he noticed something was off. It had been hours since he was on the mat. Even after a shower and drive home, his heart was still pounding.

Genome analysis and knowledge-driven variant interpretation with TGex

October 10, 2020 TGex is now a part of Geneyx – an integrated genomic and clinical data software suite. and available as “Geneyx Analysis” at https://analysis.geneyx.com Abstract Background The clinical genetics revolution ushers in great opportunities, accompanied by significant challenges. The fundamental mission in clinical genetics is to analyze genomes and to identify the most relevant […]

Geneyx Genomex Acquires NGS Sequencing Analysis Firm Toldot Genetics

NEW YORK – Geneyx Genomex said Monday that it has acquired Toldot Genetics. Geneyx acquired Toldot from biomedical informatics firm BATM Advanced Communications and several minority shareholders, who in return received a 5 percent equity stake in Geneyx. Additional terms of the deal were not disclosed. Geneyx, an Israel-based developer of genomic analysis and interpretation software, will integrate Toldot’s TGex next-generation