Co-founder and CEO of Geneyx, is an investor and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the international IVD and medical devices markets. David is the consummate businessman, with the vision, drive and capabilities to found and lead a wide array of businesses and ventures, and indeed, has done so as a founder and CEO in Israel, East Europe, Italy and the Far East. David is an exemplary top executive, with the knowledge, acumen and fine-honed skills to passionately lead any company to achieve, and even surpass, their goals. Lately, he has been particularly active in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and NGS technology. David’s successful track record in managing multinational companies, raising funds, and bringing vision to fruition is note-worthy. David earned his MBA from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. David is a long run runner and has successfully completed dozens marathons and long run races. David brings sport dedication to his professional work.

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